Current Initiatives

Kianna Cabuco, Director of Communications, Lane County Medical Society
Dr. Lauren Herbert in the Clinic. Photo by Kianna Cabuco, Director of Communications, Lane County Medical Society

1. Providing consistent prenatal triage for all pregnant women through a partnership with Holy Family Birth Center.

2. Partnering with Migrant Clinician Network, we are connecting pregnant mothers, special needs children and those immigrants with urgent need for follow-up medical care to clinics across the country.  To augment the large network of federally qualified health centers in the Migrant Clinician Network, we are working with faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine, Baylor/Texas Children’s University and University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine, to create the first national network of academic medical centers (Humanitarian Care Network) committed to serving recently immigrated families.

3. Providing additional funding to support the sustainability of the triage clinic at the Humanitarian Respite Center with full-time midlevel practitioners, medical assistants and case managers to provide consistent quality medical care for immigrant families.

4. Purchasing all needed prescription medications and over the counter medications for recently immigrated families, along with travel bags for proper storage of the medications during their journeys.

Any donation to these efforts is greatly appreciated.