Texas-Mexico: At the Border and Beyond


Community for Children takes place in Texas's Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) just across the border from Northern Mexico. The LRGV is one of the most medically underserved and impoverished areas in the U.S.

Major cities include Brownsville, Harlingen, and McAllen on the U.S. side. Poverty is a way of life for many of the children living on both sides of the border of Mexico and Texas. Many of these children are products of generations of families that have lived in the region. Others are recent immigrants.

This region of the state has the greatest percentage of children living in poverty and the greatest number without access to health care. The problems felt by these children are not merely the result of actions or inactions of those living in the area. The roots of these problems area tangled web of local, state, national and international problems. The Texas-Mexico border is representative of the symbiotic relationship of many joint-border nations of unequal wealth.